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Excellence of Italian quality

ISLO by Isabella Lorusso

The Islo brand, an acronym that stands for Isabella Lorusso, was created in Bologna in 2005 thanks to the creativity and inspiration of this young and brilliant designer, who after a few years experience in the shoe manufacturing sector founded Islo, thus inaugurating the production of her own line of women’s shoes.
“The creation of the Islo brand was like a dream coming true. I trusted my intuition and tested my skills at the same time”, says Isabella Lorusso when describing the beginning of her entrepreneurial adventure. Islo is still in its early stages because, as Isabella likes to point out, it still wants to cherish the freshness, express the passion, experiment the recklessness and preserve the will to keep improving and put itself on the line just like when it was established.
Over a few years time Islo, a family-owned business, thanks to the support of a winning working team and of an inner circle of selected co-workers, succeeded in the domestic market, gained a leading position in a well-defined market niche, and became a beacon for all those women who love fashion shoes that combine quality and style with affordable prices.

Provides an added value and kept


Isabella coordinates and supervises the style department and the production down to the smallest detail.
Her brother Gianluigi, who is in charge of the commercial and administrative office, helps her in managing the company.
Today Islo, which upholds the best tradition of “made in Italy” thanks to the quality of materials, and to a relentless research on style, is one of the most interesting brands of Italian footwear and is constantly growing, as its positive turnover trends demonstrate.